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About Me

Dr. Danielle Arigo
I'm an early-career academic, about to move from postdoctoral fellowship to an assistant professorship at a small university in the northeast (U.S.). I started this blog in 2008, during a previous period of transition, and promptly forgot that it existed. One of my favorite pastimes is reading books and blogs that offer advice for new faculty; when Google alerted me to my own, forgotten blog in July 2014 (right before my faculty transition), I look this as an opportunity to share my new faculty experiences and tips as I learn each important lesson. In addition, blogging here will keep me committed to ongoing reflection and improvement, both personal and professional - for many academics, there is a good bit of overlap.

I have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine. I'm passionate about investigating social influences on health and harnessing social processes to improve health promotion efforts. I write about these topics on a second blog, Healthy Science, so stop in there when you get a chance. Follow my Twitter handle (@DaniArigo) for news, information, and nonsense - I (re)tweet about writing, life in academia, social and health science, cool developments in other science subfields, #SCOTUS, and anything intelligent that makes me laugh (e.g., #KelseyGrammerGrammar, @_Snape_'s snide HP-related comments).

I love my career. I've recently rediscovered my love for writing and enjoy tips on how to improve. Most of my time is spent on "work," but I tend not to notice (My husband, @jnthnwwlsn, certainly does. Though he's an academic in American Intellectual History, so he gets it. Follow him for perspectives on history, culture, politics, and many other topics that we all should know about.) I also love running - I've run six marathons and an ultra. At some point, I will post about fitting training into a busy schedule.

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