Sunday, November 1, 2015

#AcWriMo 2015!

It's that timeNovember means Academic Writing Month (or #AcWriMo on Twitter). November is a difficult time for academic writing; we're in the thick of the semester, many of us have academic advisees who need attention, and many of us travel for Thanksgiving.* In solidarity, #AcWriMo allows academics to set goals, share them with each other online, encourage each other during the month, and hold each other accountable for progress. (Great timing with the writing group topic I've been posting on!)

Importantly, many participants set both product and process goals, or they emphasize the latter. The most difficult part about writing - especially when we're busy - is to stay in the habit. Setting and sticking to process goals dramatically increases the likelihood of meeting product goals. In contrast, focusing on the product could mean several very late nights at the end of the semester or exhausting bursts of writing that leave little energy for other commitments. As the best have repeated, writing consistently is a healthier (and better) way to get work done.

Weekend work at a local
coffee shop. Farmer casual today.
My #AcWriMo 2015. I was honored to be asked for an #AcWriMo-related guest post on one of my favorite blogs, Stylish Academic. (If you're an academic who likes fashion, this site is for you!) There, I describe why I love this event and what it did for me last year. In short, I was SUPER productive without killing myself. But please read the whole post for the full story, including this year's goals. As of today, I met a process goal and one product goal that I added at the last minute. Great way to start the month! (Above is visual evidence, in my weekend wear.)

More to come as I update on my progress throughout the month. If you haven't signed up yet, please join us for a great month!

*I have given up traveling during this very short break. Last year, I found myself refreshed for the end of the semester after spending time on both work and relaxation. I highly recommend taking the break, if you can.

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